Puree Day

I have been shopping and bought sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears, carrots and parsnips.  Today is the day we’re going to try Joel on some solids!  Whether it’s baby rice or vegetables I’m not sure yet.  We have baby rice as well!  It’s rather exciting, and Joel doesn’t know anything about it yet!

Anyway, this morning I roasted the sweet potatoes and butternut squash and pureed it with my new hand blender (seperatly and in seperate bowls), and then spooned it into my freezer cube block, and I have 9 cubes of each freezing away.

I’ve steamed my pears and will be pureeing them next, then will probably stew the carrots and parsnips but I need the first batch of freezer cubes to be set so I can transfer them into bags and re-use the blocks.

He’s going to have a couple of spoonfuls every day this week at lunch time, and then next week if this one goes ok, we’ll carry on to two meals, breakfast and lunch and see how it goes.

We are using the Annabelle Karmel weaning guide as it seems really easy and comprehensive.

Roll on his awake time to try some solids!  Photo’s will be put on later!!


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