Rolling Rolling Rolling

We had a roll over yesterday!! The very first genuine all by himself one! And I missed it!

I placed him on his tummy then went to get a pooh bear toy to encourage him to roll, turned back and there he was, grinning up at me from his back!!

For a moment I was temporarily confused but realised what had happened so got my phone out to record it for Steve, turned him over, pressed record and….

Nothing! He put his head down, thumb in and began to wail that he hated his tummy and I was the meanest mummy ever to put him on his tummy.

So, phone down, then cuddles and back on his tummy and he promptly stretched his arms in front of him and rolled onto his back! So I grabbed my phone, put him back on his tummy trying to film and once again, tears, crying, life is so unfair!!

So I’ve not managed to capture the moment as yet, and he wouldn’t do it last night for Steve either so we shall practise more today!!

I think he’s rather camera shy!

…. finally got it!!…..

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