Snoozing Baby Cuddles

I’m a bit confused today, probably due to my current state of sleeplessness!
This past week Joel has been waking with a sharp cry around 8-9pm. I’ve then settled him off with a little feed and he’s woken at 2am and then 5am as well! Not always with the cry, sometimes he’s just chatty.
At the 5am wake he’s not that interested in a feed, and does go back to sleep for another couple of hours after chatting and rolling around his cot for about 30 minutes.
My question is this, is he
a – waking with teething pains
b – actually hungry and needing to wean to solids
c – not getting enough milk in the day and being hungry at night and not needing solids yet
d – having too much sleep in the day? (He’s on 3 naps still and drops off on cue regulalry)
e – just in a habit of waking becuase I was feeding him to make him go back to sleep so I could too?!

And how am I meant to know?!!!!  I wish I knew all the answers!


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