Weekend Fun

We went along to the MOD open day yesterday as a family which was so lovely!  Joel enjoyed watching the JCB dancing diggers, an acrobatic plane, doggy training classes and much more.

The sun was shining, we strolled around enjoying the atmosphere, and when he got hungry,  I just sat down on the grass and fed him in the middle of everything!  I don’t think anyone noticed me, or if they did they didn’t mind.  I just hope if people do see me, it helps them become more breast feeding friendly.

Two days ago I met my parents neighbours who were commenting on seeing a baby being breast fed at nine months old and how freaky that was!   Silly me, I just gawked at them and their rather out dated views when I should have responded with a comment that Joel is still exclusively breast fed and once we’re weaning, he’ll continue with breast milk until he’s one if we get there.  I really don’t see the point in having to buy expensive formula when he gets natural milk from me for free!!

And only one more week until Joel’s dedication.  🙂


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