More Weaning Stuff….

I’m the first to admit I’ll happily buy into any marketing ploy and feel that I need a lot of bits I probably don’t need, and now with Joel I’m entering into a whole new world of baby purchases which are brilliant!!  (Or seemingly so to begin with!!)

With weaning imminent there are items we do need, so I’ve read reviews and scoured the internet for what seems the most useful and handy.

You’ve seen already the Annabelle Karmel freezing pots for puree.  I know you can use regular ice cube trays, but these have a good sealing lid to keep them better, and the silicone pots are better to withstand the constant freezing.  I do believe that if you pay cheap you pay twice, whereas spending a bit more can in effect save money later on!!

Anyway, today these bits came too:

The Annabelle Karmel Weaning book because I don’t want to start anything rashly with Joel, I want to know why and what for, and how best to go about it and this seems to be the most highly recommended.

 These bibs looked very clever as they are plastic backed so won’t soak through to clothes, and the plastic cup fastens onto the bibs, and then also rolls over and clips any mess away when out and about and feeding so for all intents and purposes this seems ideal.

And this is a travel weaning pot for being out and about too!  It comes with two weaning spoons, a tight fitting lid and a removable seperation container so there can either be two dishes or one in there, and the bowl has a hole in it for an extra firm grip in case baby tries to grab!  This too seems a good little set for being out and about and we’re looking forward to using them!


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