With it being the summer holidays, we felt a nice day out was in order, so my Mum, Dad and I took Joel up to Trentham Gardens today.  I’ve never been round the Italian Gardens properly, only having been there for work purposes when our University Graduation ceremonies are on (they’re held within the gardens) so it was a really nice day.

We went off about 10am and the sun was shining as we strolled around the gardens and had an icecream watching the children’s play area thinking how soon Joel would be running around in the sandpit too!!

These aren’t my pics, they’re from the website but a good representation of the lovliness that Trentham is now!  I remember it from years ago when it was a falling down site, with a lot of canadian geese droppings all about the gardens but now, wowee, it’s beautiful and such a well maintained site.

These are a few pics taken on my phone.  It was so nice to lie back on a blanket in such pretty surroundings and relax with my baby!  We should do it more often I think!!


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