17 Weeks

Our little dude is 17 weeks old today! 

He’s made it to 1 stone in weight, and don’t we know it!!

This week new fun things involve loud squealing, turning his head from side to side repeatedly and putting his fingers in peoples mouth and chuckling because it’s so funny!!

He’s still EBF (exclusivly breast fed) and we’re sticking with that until he’s 6 months (seperate post to come).

He’s back to sleeping better at night this week after a few disrupted nights after our holidays which is better!

And he’s had his nasty 16 week jabs which haven’t affected him terribly at all. He’s just been a bit grizzly before bed with a hot head so a dose of calpol seemed to help and he’s been able to sleep it all off.

He’s a brilliant baby!!


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