Time Away…

I was asked to play the piano for the evening service at Church tonight. 

I left Joel with Steve and was away for an hour and a half.

And nothing bad happened!!  I came home to fine him sleeping peacefully after a happy bathtime and that was it!! 

I wasn’t too worried about leaving him with Steve, just the fact I wouldn’t be with him at what is an important time of day.

I feel a bit surplus to requirements now! Although it does mean that I may be able to partake in more worship evenings and play a bit more at Church maybe. 

I love being needed by Joel, and I love having him near me, but maybe it’s time I started to do a few more things on my own??  I was expecting to do this after 6 months when he’s weaning onto solids and won’t need so many booby feeds, but if he’s able to go to bed without me, then it’ll free me up quite a bit.


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