10 Weeks Old

Joel was 10 weeks old on Wednesday and is coming on so well.

He loves looking around and taking everything in.  He’s really chomping at the bit to be able to sit up on his own and see the world from a new perspective so I won a bumbo on Ebay and although he’s a little small at the moment, we’re looking forward to him being able to sit up in it when he’s ready.

We also splurged in the Mothercare sale and bought him a Jumperoo whilst they were on offer.  Grandma has a swing and groove, but we wanted something different to have for him here that he can sit in and play with and friends have one which their daughter loves so we went for it.  It arrived and is waiting with the Bumbo until he’s old enough to go in it!

In the meantime, he still likes sitting in his vibrating chair and laying down on the play gym but he’s certainly getting ready for new challenges.

I bought him a baby book called ‘Faces’ which is mainly black and white and he loved it!!  It’s just three pages, with patterns on one side and faces of ‘Daddy’, ‘Mummy’ and ‘Baby’ on the other but he stared at each one for ages and the patterns on the ‘Baby’ page got him chuckling and laughing away!!  To see a little 10 week old baby studying the pages of a book was wonderful!!  I shall have to get Steve to take a photograph.

He’s also rather fond of his Freddie Firefly and Jacques Peacock lamaze toys at the moment and is taking more of an interest in them now.  Still, nothing seems to compare with the love he has for his thumb now!  He’s so proud of managing to put his hand in his mouth!!

The little man is wonderful!!


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