Sleep Patterns

Last night I was going to bed at 10pm and thought I’d have another go at feeding Joel there and then to see whether it would mean he slept longer through (hopefully till 7am!)

He slept through the feed which meant it was easier to put him back down afterwards and there were no issues there, and to be fair to him, he did sleep until nearly 6.30am this morning, but I didn’t benefit due to the mugginess of the weather as I was awake at 2am and slept rather fitfully.

But, having yesterday attempted to feed lying down, we had another go today and it was lovely.  I got to be dozy and relaxed and he gets to be cosy and nurtured and feeds well that way.  We spent an hour like that this lunchtime and both felt better for it I think.

I’m going to take a photo and post it as I think it’s a lovely thing but I will title it as such so those who may be offended don’t have to see!  Who knew I’d take so well to breastfeeding!?  Certainly not me!


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