He loves his funky bandana bibs though (well, ok, maybe he has no preference but I like them!!)

At our ante-natal class reunion. It was a very interesting meet up with 6 very different stories.

Out of the six babies, two had tongue tie, two mums had c-sections, (one being me), four of us were still breast feeding (me again!!), one baby had to spend two weeks in special care, having come 5 weeks early and then become jaundiced, and one baby has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and will need medication for his whole life.

That’s a lot to take in really, for his parents their lives have taken a turn for the unexpected.
We’re so lucky to have such a healthy baby. Yes I had issues after the labour but I’d rather that than him have any problems.

But we were all glad to have undertaken the classes. And learnt a lot. 

And here we all are below:

It was strange almost having all these babies there instead of the bumps we all had before!!

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