Milk Flow

When breast feeding there are lots of worries as you go along, namely for me the milk flow and whether he’s getting enough.  I know he’s been ok in that department with his healthy weight gain, but I panic sometimes that if he misses a feed the milk flow will reduce and then he’ll go hungry.  Mind you, if he misses a feed I have been leaking quite a bit and last night ended up having to change my sleep bra and nightie as they were too wet through to be comfortable!!  So maybe it’s ok on that front.

I have tried expressing but then I worry that I’ll have too much milk and it seems wasteful as I’ve not got sorted with expressing freezer bags (I ought to have a go at this really as would be helpful on days when we go out and Grandparents babysit!!) as he doesn’t need a bottle with me taking on all the feeding.

My other worries are still his latch on my right breast.  Most days it does seem better so I think it is just laziness on my part for not checking him enough, but it can be difficult and depends on how engorged the breasts are as when they’re ready to pop he can’t really take a lot of breast in his mouth as they’re too round!  When they’ve gone down a bit that’s when the latch becomes an issue more.

Still, we’re doing well with breast feeding and he’s certainly feeling a lot more heavy again this week.  He’s not being weighed now till a week Tuesday for his 8 week appointment, injections and check.  I could take him to the clinic for a weigh this week if I want to.


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