6 Weeks Old

My baby boy is 6 weeks old already.  These 6 weeks have flown by.  I can’t believe how much he’s changed in this time either!!

He’s filled out lots.  He has chubby little legs, cheeks and neck.   He loves his milk although gripe water is running a close second!!  He’s not been a windy baby much at all, but he seems to struggle from time to time with passing wind and poops so we offer a half protion of gripe water which does seem to help things through.  He gets all excited and his eyes widen when he tastes the water!

We now have real smiles which are lovely to be greeted with in the morning.  He’s so happy and has a good awake time after getting up, dressed and fed.

He has been a strong baby for a while, and is nearly holding his head himself.  He hates being laid on his tummy and will fight the floor and then cry for a bit, but if he’s lying on either Mummy or Daddy’s tummy’s he’ll prop himself up, hold his head and look around the room!!  So tummy time is time on our tummies 🙂

He loves his Grandma’s vibrating ‘calming’ chair and will sit in it for a while a couple of times a day looking at the pictures on our walls and the windows which lets me get things done. 

He cries when he has a pooey nappy, when he has wind, and he has a dreadful cry for when he’s overtired!  He’ll fight sleep as he wants to be involved with life I think, and just before he zonks he’ll have a quick and loud ‘waaah’ before his head falls onto my shoulder and he’s out for the count!!   It’s quite predictable now so it doesn’t bother me anymore!  I know how to deal with it!  Other than that he’s content, smiling and even giving little chuckles from time to time!!  That or sleeping (on a good day!!)

Izzy is still not very bothered by him yet, and generally ignores him although will come and lick his feet from time to time!  She’s liking being taken out for walks more though but not with her halti collar on to stop her pulling!! 

This past week my wound seems to have finally healed so I’ve been walking more each day with the pram and it’s lovely to be able to get out and about.  We’ve walked to town and Tesco’s a couple of times along the river, and today we’re walking to Queensville to collect some shoes from Next!

He likes his dummies but will suck his fingers as well.  He loves sucking things and having something in his mouth.  I think he had a growth spurt this past week, he’s been feeding a lot more in the day.

Oh, and yesterday we had sick for the first time!!  The little white spit ups that I thought were sick really were not!!  I’d fed him and he coughed, retched and gagged and then this yellow stringy stuff erupted from his mouth all over my left shoulder!  I thought I’d have freaked out (old Kate would have done for someone elses baby!) but no, I stayed calm and just cleaned him up before even thinking about taking my top off to put in the wash!!

Yesterday morning we went to a singing group and Joel absolutely loved it!  He watched all the other children and enjoyed the dancing songs where we held the babies and moved round in a circle with a spin!  It’s given me good ideas to do with him at home for sure.

In the afternoon he still hadn’t napped, but we had some nappy off time in the garden (in the shade for him, sun for me!) and he enjoyed kicking his legs, feeling the breeze and watching our eucalyptus tree against the sky.  Then we went to Tesco to buy him a t-shirt and he did not sleep!!

He’s not been weighed this week as the health visitor said he was ‘thriving’ and she’d see him on Monday instead (monday coming) but I think he must have reached 11lbs.  We’ll have to wait and see!

He’s certainly looking fairer still, he has dark and blonde hairs growing back to cover his baldness so I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

And on Saturday we’re going to drive with him to Exeter to see Steve’s family.  We’ve planned a couple of stops but he’s very good in the car and the motion just sends him to sleep!

All in all, he’s wonderful and I’m loving getting to know him still!!


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