Oh my goodness!!

Last night Joel settled down with a feed at 8.00pm which was good.  He’s got the snuffles and a bit of a blocked nose which we’re treating with a drop of saline solution in each nostril (advised by a pharmasist) which makes him sneeze and clears his passages and means he can feed as before he was getting frustrated and panicky that he couldn’t breathe and latch on at once.

So one sleeping baby and being back at Mum and Dad’s for a couple of nights to rest up means I got to go to bed early as well.

He then awoke at 1.00am for his next feed which Grandma took on, although he did wake me, and I offered him a breast as it’s also the cuddles that help send him to sleep and the comfort of the breast and he did drink a little before zonking out!

Then, he didn’t stir until 5.00am which was my shift (although we were expecting him at 3.00am but all the sleeps have lasted longer than normal!!) so up I got and wondered why he felt damp as I was feeding him (on the same side as at 1.00pm as it felt heavier than my right side).

Dad then got up and offered to cuddle him off so I could get back to bed and it was then I noticed….

Leakage!!  How embarassing in front of one’s Dad!!

My right breast had leaked and I had soaked my sleep bra and nightie and had a big wet circle patch.

Well, that’s a first.  It must have been whilst I was feeding on the left, the right one needing emptying as well so chose to just push the milk out of it’s own accord. 

I’ve been down to express instead of go back to bed now, and got 5 oz in a matter of minutes.  That’s crazy stuff!!!  I also got 2oz from the left one as well and feeling drained (in a milk way, not tired way!!) I shall go back to bed to see whether I can get anymore sleep although having had roughly 8 hours with just one 15 minutes stint in the middle, that’s the best night sleep I’ve had in a long time even with a 5.00am awakening!!


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