Moby Wrap II

Today is the first day Joel has gone comfortably in the wrap!
I have two hands free and he’s warm, comfy and cosy and sleeping!
It’s a bit like having a bump back to be honest!!

I think it’s because he’s not hungry all the time, he’s happy to be cuddled without pummeling me for milk which is nice so I’ll have to get a picture of him.

i do feel a bit ‘earth mothery’ in it, but in a good way!!

Unfortunately, I cannot locate my camera which I definatly had in the nursery as I was looking at the pictures on it Saturday night after the BBQ.  I can’t bend down to check under the rocking chair avec le bebe, so will wait for him to with Grandad and run and check then!!

We’re off to the Grandparents for the afternoon and night again as Steve has his very early meeting tomorrow and would like a good night sleep, and my parents do the 10pm feed and the 7am feed leaving me the 3am which means I sleep from 8-3 and then 3.30-whenever which is lovely!!


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