Sleep is precious.  I never realised how much I loved and needed it before Joel.  Long gone are the days where I’d go to bed at 10pm, my head would hit the pillow and I’d know no more until 6.30am and wake naturally!!  The two or three toilet breaks during pregnancy are nothing to prepare you for the feeds and attention during the night required for a newborn.

However, we had a little breakthrough last night.  After pretty regular 1-2-3 hour feeds every 1-2-3 hours through the night since birth, last night he slept from 10 – 3!!  That was a five hour stint and the first at night!  I however, did not sleep the five hours as woke at midnight on the old schedule and went to check on him as having not slept well for a couple of nights due to his grunts, clicks, whistles and hoots we decided to place his moses basket in his cot to prepare him for the move into his nursery and he was brilliant!  To be honest, I don’t think he knew any different!  I know it’s early for him to be in his own room but we slept so much better and he was fine and I could still hear him for the main sounds but the snuffles meant our sleep was deeper.

The night before he’d been up since 3am with a feed, then awake time, then he seemed to have poop issues and strained and groaned until 9am until he was able to produce his nappy full of runny poop.  Seriously, how can a baby on a liquid diet seem to take so long and so much effort to go?

I cannot wait until we have a 10-6 night.  That would be heaven!  Here’s hoping it’s soon!!

The other night I’d gone to bed at nine and was hoping to get three hours and was so very cross when Steve woke me up at 11.30 by playing sound on his computer too loudly having ‘not thought’.


Anyway, sleep.  Precious, lovely sleep.  So near yet so far!  Not a problem for him though!!

Here he is at 1 month old!  Looking quite changed every day at the moment since he began losing that hair!

 And looking almost blonde here 🙂  And very wise!


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