I never realised the importance of poop.  And how it can affect your life. 

I never intended to become someone who would discuss it so casually, and make it the focus of a day, but today is a day when my baby has not been able to produce a poop yet, and it’s bothering him.  He’s having trouble, and pains, and drawing his legs up and crying.  It’s not pleasant and I can’t really do anything but comfort him and try him in different positions to see whether that helps or not.

I think it’s due to the Nyastin stuff the doctor has prescribed him for oral thrush.  It’s affected him,  or it could be my Fluconazole although that’s so mild it’s not meant to affect babies. 

I hope he’s able to sort it soon else we won’t have a good night at all.  It’s bothered him since about 6am this morning and now it’s 3.30pm.  And no poop.

When it arrives we’ll all be most pleased!!  And I’ll probably let you know about it too!!

Poop poop!


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