Gutted…… I’m a walking infection

I got to the breastfeeding clinic this morning to ask about the pains I’ve been getting in my breasts after a feed but feeling positive as they don’t hurt to latch on at the moment or during the feed.

It seems that I may have another bout of thrush 😦  On my nipples 😦

I seem to tick all the susceptibility checks such as being a sufferer during pregnancy – erm, yep…., being on a recent course of antibiotics – yep… and others too so we’re both off to the doctors on Friday to see whether we can confirm it and get some medication.

If it is thrush its in the early stages as it sounds like it gets a lot worse but like one Mum I met this morning who had this last year, she said you worry about your baby getting ill and you don’t think about the post pregnancy things that can go wrong with yourself.

So in the last four weeks I’ve had…

An emergency c-section
An infected c-section wound
and now possible Thrush.

It seems I’ve been given a lovely and patient baby as I’m now getting every infection under the sun.


And today is my birthday.


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