The Birth Story Part One…

Wednesday 20th April 2011 5.00am

I awoke before the alarm, filled with anticipation.  I wasn’t sure whether I was excited about finally meeting the baby or completely scared at what was about to happen to me.  Going into labour naturally hadn’t happened and I guess had it, I’d have got on with it, which was my attitude to the induction as well.

We were collected by my Dad and loaded all our bags into the car, and as my parents were taking Izzy for duration her bed and some belongings were also packed.  Two minutes later we were at the hospital and off we went.  I waddled with my pillows and Steve brought everything else and having promptly forgotten we were meant to go to Ward 9, we went to the delivery suite.  We were then pointed to the right direction and shown a bed in a lovely room with a lovely view of Stafford and the rising sun.  Steve promptly got his camera out and was just set up when we were told as they were so busy we were to go back to the Delivery suite as they’d be able to see us faster there!

So back we trundled and were shown a not so nice room with a view of air vents and we settled down to wait.  It was about this point I realised I was having some tightenings and pressure down below, nothing painful at all, just made me go ‘ooh’ a little.  Having done a urine sample and had my blood pressure taken I was put on the trace machine to monitor the baby’s heartbeat.  Sure enough, my uterus was beginning to slowly contract and we could watch it all happen on the monitor!!  A midewife then came in to ask whether we wanted to go ahead with the induction or leave it to see what would happen naturally and if nothing, come back in on Friday.  My cervix was checked (internal number 1) and was ‘unfavourable’ still.  As we knew inductions could take an age to kick off and we were all geared up for then and now, and I was so uncomfortable at nights and not sleeping well we decided to go ahead with it so the prostin gel was prescribed and after internal number 2, inserted.

Waiting for things to happen…..

I had to remain on the trace machine for another half an hour and with no undue issues, it was just a case of waiting.  We trundled along to the canteen for toast and tea (me) and fried bread and sausages (Steve) and then we both managed to nap for a while before lunch.  Then as it was a beautiful day we went to take a wander outside as walking about could help start things off.

Sure enough, around 12.00 I began with contractions.  Not too terrible but they made me hold my breath and not really like them!!  I tried hard to remember breathing exercises, in through the nose and out through the mouth but it was difficult.

We told the midwife what had happened and I was put on the trace machine again to monitor them whilst they decided whehter to go ahead with a second applicaiton of prostin gel or not.  Having looked at the trace after a while, the midwife went to get a Doctor as when I was peaking, it showed the baby having distress and they wanted to check this out.  So the doctor wanted to see whether he could burst my waters to encourage the process along.  (Internal number 3).  To be honest, things were hurting at this point and I just sensed somethings were unsettling the midwife but Steve was trying to be as positive as possible, possibly too positive.

I was asked to put my hands under my bottom to help raise my ‘bits’ up enough for the doctor to access my waters, and he noted I was 1cm dilated at this point.  He took his hook and I could feel the tugging and pulling within, it was horribly uncomfortable and even though I was doing my utmost to relax, he was taking ages and tugging and pulling a lot more than I’d ever seen on ‘One Born Every Minute’.  He turned to the midwife and said that he didn’t think that there were any waters to break and he thought they’d gone already.  Where to remains a mystery.  I’ve not had a conclusive answer on that one.

They then disappeared and the midwife returned to say that they were transferring me to a labour room as they wanted to have another look (internal number 4) and they thought some gas and air would help me relax enough for the Dr to have a proper look.

By this point, contractions were coming thicker and harder and more painful than i’d ever imagined.  I know inducted contractions are more painful as they’re forced rather than natural but they were making me writhe on the bed and feel terribly hot.  I had to use a cardboard vomit bowl to fan myself with as I couldn’t bear the heat and was coming out in a sweat.

The midwife came back and as she was explaining how I’d be moved (they had a wheelchair) I felt something slimy and gushy coming out, which I told her and she had a look.  She wasn’t sure what it was (!) but I heard the word ‘meconium’ which I know isn’t a good one.  They sat me on a pad on the wheelchair and pushed me off pretty quickly.  Steve was left to gather up all the bags and follow on but he took a couple of trips to sort it and by this time, i was in a room on my own on a bed and sucking on the gas and air (he managed to bring some items which weren’t even ours and forget my shoes!)

I wasn’t sure what I made of it.  I didn’t think it helped terribly much, it was more of a focus from the pain, rather than pain relief unless you started it early enough in the contraction which sometimes I didn’t as they were coming so fast I was caught by surprise.


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