41+2 and the End Is Nigh…

Having been to see the midwife yesterday she booked me in for an appointment at the hospital to be induced tomorrow.

TOMORROW!  That sounds scary.

I have to ring the hospital at 5.45am to make sure there is a spare bed (in case there’s been a baby birthing boom) and if so, we need to be there for 6.00am.

I’ll be monitored for 30 minutes and have to do urine samples etc…  and then by 7.00am they’ll insert a prostoglandin gel into my cervix to try and get it working.  That’s the bit that won’t be nice as it’ll hurt.

Then they leave you for six hours but you can’t go home, you have to wander around the hospital and take walks in the grounds and be bored and hope something kicks off.  Then they do it all again six hours later.  If after a third lot the next day nothing is still happening, I guess they’ll be considering an elective c-section which is so not what I’ve been anticipating.

I’ve really been girding myself up for a natural vaginal birth and I’m not sure why my body isn’t helping out here. 

He has 24 more hours to do his own thing before intervention and I’m feeling a bit daunted by it all.  I’ve never been in hospital before and would be in there for at least 2-3 nights on my own without Steve.  And Izzy would be at Mum and Dads. 

Oh well.  I guess what must be will be but it’s all a bit worrying from this point onwards….


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