Getting Impatient…

Still no baby!  Why do they give us due dates?  Just to cause us frustration when nothing happens?

I actually did have a bit of a ‘show’ yesterday morning which got me all excited, after all, that was my first sign and although I told myself not to be excited as it can take days from that anyhow, I have woken up again this morning with nothing happening and feel disappointed!

I’m going to keep a log though of when things happen to take in for the labour (if it ever happens).

My friend Anna came round yesterday morning so we had a cup of tea and chatted which passed the time, and after lunch I watched three episodes of CSI on TV.  (I’m still chuffed I’ve not gone down the daytime TV and Jeremy Kyle route) Then after a little nap I cleaned out the guinea-pigs, tidied the kitchen and Steve and I headed over to visit his family who’d all arrived at their cottage for their Easter break.

They’re coming over to us today at lunchtime and will take Izzy out for a long walk whereas I will likely stay in and sulk as I’m getting grumpier day by day.  I don’t mean to, but there’s only so much more hand and foot aching I can take and I didn’t sleep well last night.   My fingers are puffy again, I don’t think I’m drinking enough water so have just drunk a pint to try and flush the extra out. 

Maybe I’ll feel better after a shower. 

I’ve never been good at waiting for anything.  Maybe this is nature teaching me a valuable life lesson. 



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