The Wait Goes On

Today I am officially three days overdue.  And feeling it.

I have an appointment at 9.15am with the midwife so will see what she says.  I’m hoping we can do a sweep or something to start things off.  Yesterday afternoon I was having some serious bump hardenings with a lot of pressure pushing down and out and these were every 15 minutes, they didn’t hurt but made me go ‘whoo’ and catch my breath but disappeared!

Then Steve and I went for a walk to see if that helped with Izzy and we walked up to the hospital (ironic I know) and around the grounds with Izzy as there’s a big field she loves to play ball in, and home again.  And on going to bed I had some crampy pains but then fell asleep and woke up to nothing happening!!

It was rather funny on the way home from walking as we were beset by two Mormon girls (why is it always the girls they send out in pairs?) who came to try and talk to us.  Steve loves a debate, but I was weary from the walk and Izzy was too excited to meet new people.  So we were listening to an American girl asking us about prophets and I was getting cross as we explained we were practising Christians, we believed the Bible, we were both baptised as adults and we did not believe that Jesus appeared in America in the 1800’s to Joseph Smith and that in our view, he was a false prophet as warned about by Jesus when discussing the end times.

I’m sorry to make this a bit of a religious debate, but I was not prepared to just listen to their ‘version’ of ‘Christianity’ without having my say as well as I do feel that Mormons have been falsely misled and have an inaccurate grasp of the truth and it makes me cross that yes, they may read the Bible but they read certain sections, and not the whole truth, and they focus on the Book of Mormon which has extra bits in ‘found’ by Joseph Smith when every genuine Christian knows that the Bible as it stands is pure and whole in it’s entirerty and the final verses of Revelation warn against any additions.  But they ignore these verses and consider the Book of Mormon an exception. 

Anyway, we’re standing and talking when a car pulls up next to us and it’s our Church leader’s wife and daughters just passing by to say hello and she calls out to us that she hopes we’re having lots of sex to help the baby out!!  (She’s also a GP and says things like that a lot!)  I laughed my socks off at the faces of the three daughters (they’re 8,9 and 16) as they were shocked, but the Mormons were more so!  Especially when Steve then said – this is our Church leader’s wife!!  They must wonder what sort of Church we belong to!  hee hee!

And on that note having tried the Raspberry leaf tea and pineapple, and chillified food, and walking, only the sex part is remaining, but Steve is being very resistant on that front.  He’s completely freaked out at the thought and won’t even consider attempting it.  It’s not as though I feel like doing it either, but at least I’m willing to give it a go and frankly, I’m a bit put out he just giggles and shrieks and pulls away from me as though I’m a leper.  Honestly.


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