The Day Before The Day…..

The time is nigh……

I’ve woken up with back ache.  I don’t know whether it’s regular back ache from me walking a bit too much yesterday, or sitting funny, but it’s low and achey.  I shall keep an eye on it!  It seems to hurt more when I take a deep breath so whether that’s to do with anything I don’t know.

I shall go for a shower in a moment and get some hot water on it to see if that alleviates it. 

Other things that are bothering me at present are my feet, ankles and legs.  My pelvis, my lower back and my double chin!!  I can’t wait until my pelvis is my own again and I can turn over in bed without the weight.

I shall commence my work on my wedding apparel shortly but I’m very much looking forward to seeing all my work friends today.  Back pain or no back pain, I shall go to the ball!!  And hopefully get some pictures of my huge bump and maybe even get Steve on some with me!!


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