Another Sunny Day… (39+5)

I slept well last night!  I went to bed earlyish and only had to get up once at 12.30pm and then again at 6.00am (when I was peckish so had an early breakfast) then slept in again until 9.30am!  I really feel so much better and it’s so true that sleep helps heal you.

I headed into town for a mooch at 11.30 and enjoyed the sunshine in town, treating myself to a frozen mango slushy from Costa coffee (as well as an excuse for the loo and a sit down!!) then had a manicure in preparation for the wedding we’re going to tomorrow.  I also thought that if baby does come along and photos are taken, it’ll be good to have nice looking nails!  Not that I had a lot to work with as I’m a biter but at least they’re neat now.

My hips and pelvis are still achey as anything.  It does feel as though you can almost feel baby’s head bouncing down there and sometimes it just catches you unaware and you have to stop, take a breath and support under the bump.  I know that baby can’t fall out but it makes me wonder whether it’s all going the right way?!  I managed to wander around for two hours but this afternoon I’ve been suffering with sore pelvic bones, which was fine as I sat in the sunshine for the afternoon to relax!

Tomorrow is Tracy’s wedding at 2.00 so I have a morning to relax and get ready, sort shoes out (currently only flat flip flops fit and even they’re tight on me!) and work out a hair do to make me not look too chubby around the face (I’ve filled out a lot this past couple of weeks).

And keep the legs crossed that I don’t end up with waters breaking during the vows or something embarrassing like that!  Can you imagine?!


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