Ho Hum

How do I feel today?

In all honesty, I’m not sure!  I still have a bit of a sore throat, I’m still a bit sleepy despite a better night’s sleep, and my throat glands still feel a bit puffy and I’m still hoarse.  But I’m not feeling dreadful. 

I don’t want to say that I’m feeling better than I was in case it all comes back again as I’m not 100% yet but I’m wondering whether I’m going to be or not?  Having never been pregnant before I have no idea whether what I’m feeling could be pregnancy related?!

Last night I was very restless.  I decided to go to Tescos for a shop at 10.30pm.  Steve didn’t think it was a good idea but we had no food in, and should I have gone into labour I’d have been stressing about what we’d eat once home, so I’ve stocked up on ready pasta and sauces which Steve should be able to manage.  I’d hope at least.  I have told him he’ll be responsible for feeding me healthily!

Wandering around the aisles in the quiet was relaxing, but I began to feel horribly nauseous, like when I was being driven to Wales so I came home again and ate an ice lolly.  At midnight.  Random I know.  I should have bought more ice lollies as we’re all out now and I’ve enjoyed munching on them with a sore throat, very cooling and soothing!

Ooh, I also bought some raspberry leaf tea.  It’s looking at me from the kitchen.  I know I said I wouldn’t try to mess with nature, but does tea count as messing?  I’m not planning on drinking any until Saturday but my friend Kelly had two cups when she was due and her little boy came the next day.  It’d be great if I could drink two cups on Saturday and baby arrive on his due date.  Hmmm.  I am dubious though, apparently it’s meant to build up in your system so two cups the day before may not do any good.  Steve is against me trying anything until after tomorrow as he has a busy day and doesn’t want me to go into labour until it suits his diary.  I’m of a mind to try and deliberately go into labour tomorrow (and I would drink the tea today if it weren’t for going to Tracy’s wedding on Saturday) just to see what he’d do.

I’m thinking I may book in for a manicure on Friday though.  Remembering how nice my nails looked on my wedding photos I was glad of the manicure and I guess photo’s will be taken of baby so nice hands would be a bonus.

And todays plans – go through wardrobe to see if swimwear fits at all in case of water birth (not sure where I’ve stowed my bikinis) and pop in to Mum and Dad’s for lunch to say hi.  Nice and easy day!


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