More Drugs For Me

Well, I have been to the doctor’s this afternoon and I have a throat infection and now I’m back on antibiotics which is likely to antagonise the thrush situation so I have a ton of thrush medication as well!!

Last night was awful, I had such a red raw throat, I kept coughing and waking myself up every ten minutes so I’m tired and grumpy today.  I actually got up at about 1am for three and half hours to eat chocolate ice-cream to try and soothe the throat and watched CSI for a couple of hours before going back to bed before waking up again at about 8am.  After Steve got up I went back to bed and caught a few more zeds.

On a brighter note Steve took me to Pizza Hut for lunch which was nice.  We had some tasty pizza and salad which cheered me up.

This afternoon has been very relaxing too!!  I popped into town after the doctors and got some baskets to put the baby vests into and sort in the wardrobe.  I shall go up shortly and have another play!  Then bed early I think with the hope that I get some decent rest this evening!


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