Expecting Ante-Natal 5

This was our final class and it was life after baby!  The part that you don’t often think too much about during pregnancy – at least I’ve not thought enough about it!!

We were asked to discuss chores and who’d take responsibility for them.  I was quite surprised that Steve had me down for most of it!  Including cooking whereas I’d put him down to at least take on SOME responsibility thinking that he must appreciate I won’t be able to cook every day.  We’re going to buy some ready pastas in and sauces that he can concoct easily but he really doesn’t care for cooking at all 😦 If he’s in charge I guess it’ll be takeaways every night which isn’t good.

We also got to play with bathing dolls, putting nappies on dolls and practising breast feeding positions again which I just find too funny!

We then watched a DVD about the importance of communication with babies and face to face time, reading and playing.  It helped us think about what it would be like to actually be holding our babies in our arms!!

All in all, it’s been a very productive course and I’m glad we did it.  I do recommend that others do it and even Steve seemed to gain lots from it, even if it is some terminology that makes him shudder like ‘merconium’ and other such words!!


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