A Lurgy? Now? Seriously???

I woke up for my 2.00am toilet visit – (like clockwork they are!!) and felt a bit funny in  my throat.  A bit sore and phlegmy (apologies for grossness here) so drank some orange juice to cool it down a bit and went back to bed.

At  my 5.30am toilet visit it was still bothering me, I had to cough and clear my throat and it felt sore and I didn’t like it.  I got back into bed after taking a couple of paracetamols, and Steve was getting up at that time for his breakfast meeting, and he said I’d not been snoring, I’d been quite quiet all night so that’s not the reason.

Surely I can’t catch a bug this late on in pregnancy?  I’ve been back to bed again and woken up feeling refreshed from sleep at 9.00am which is nice, but my glands now feel a bit swollen, and I’m husky!!  Imagine going into labour with no voice.  That would be awful.

I’ve got my last ante-natal class tonight and there’s no way I’m missing it but at least can ask Freya about it (as a mid-wife) and I’ve got my  38 week midwife appointment at the Dr’s tomorrow, and I’ve also got another Dr’s appointment on Thursday afternoon as I had a letter through asking me to go in after a letter they had from the hospital.

This letter did say it wasn’t urgent and not to stress and I’m presuming that it’s due to the thrush they detected (again) when I had the internal done when we went to hospital that time but I have to see a doctor about it.  And guess who wants to see me.  Dr Logan.  Seriously, that man isn’t going to ever recognise my face as much as my down below parts and when he comes to preach at church I get so embarrassed!! 

Oh well, my only plans today are to go to Tesco’s and do a shop and try and clean the carpet up a bit in the nursery (I can’t work my vacuum so Mum is coming round this afternoon!!) and then head to the ante-natal class so lots of time to rest up.

I shall take more paracetamol after 10.00am though to try and soothe this throat, I’m wondering whether I could have picked something up from the swimming pool yesterday?  I don’t know.  My hands feel a bit sore again today, not puffy like Sunday, more like the carpal tunnel syndrome stiff and my fingers are taking a while to work and type.  I shall go and get dressed as that always makes me feel a bit better, getting up and at em, plus I need to sort my hair out!  I had a bath last night and it was damp when I went to sleep and I have peaks and horns this morning to straighten!!  🙂


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