Day of Rest

I’ve had such a quiet day today.  It’s ironic that Sundays tend to be the more busy day of the weekend with Church and various duties I undertake there so it’s been nice to keep my feet up today.

This morning I popped to Hobbycraft to get a piece of card (ok, for a Church thing) as I’d been asked to make a collage of our weekend away last year to encourage folk to sign up for this year.  In the week I’d printed out photographs and captions, but wanted to stick them all together so backed each picture onto turquoise pearlescent paper and then arranged them all onto some Kingfisher Blue card.  It all looks rather fab I think!  And it didn’t take too long at all.

I’d gone out at 9.00am to avoid the Saturday town traffic, so got home by 10.00ish and then watched some TV, then had a snooze, and this afternoon have got showered and dolled up for a meal out with girls from work as my boss is getting married in two weeks so we’re having a bit of a hen night.  In all honesty, it’s taking a lot of effort to motivate myself into going out.  I’m tired, despite napping, my body is aching, despite resting all day and I very much doubt I’ll be the life and soul of any party.  I’ll be the quiet one in the corner sipping a lime soda!!  But I want to make the effort to go and support her, and I’m sure once I’m out of this lethargic dullness, I’ll feel more up to it.

Tomorrow it’s two weeks exactly until my due date.  It’s starting to hit home I think that we’ll have a baby soon.  Sleeping next to an empty moses basket last night was good I think!  It’s helping me come to terms with it all!  =D


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