Fun In The Sun

Today has been yet another beautiful day!  I feel so fortunate to be able to sit out in my garden, knowing I’m being paid annual leave for a third week to just relax and do nothing!

This morning I was up early, due to aches in my hips and pelvis and I find moving about helps, so I dozed on the sofa for a couple more hours.  Not that Steve missed me, he just got up at 9.30 and assumed I’d been pottering around for a while!  Izzy appreciated my company though and curled up in the crook of my knees which was cosy.

I sorted through the clothes given by Sarah yesterday and put them into piles of sizes.  The 3-6 months are now stowed in my 3-6 month box, and the 6-9 and 9-12 months are also stowed.  The 12+ will be going back to Mum’s in the meantime as I just don’t have enough room for everything!!  I then sorted some more loads of washing out and got it dry in the sunshine, and Steve and I sat in the garden to eat lunch together which was a nice change!  Izzy is thriving on having us both at home, especially in the garden.  She is so much calmer and lay basking on the lawn whilst the piggies munched the grass in their run.

After lunch I met up with my friend Carly and her baby boy Reuben and we went to the Town Park and ate ice creams, chatted and then fed the ducks.  Pretty soon it was 4.00pm and I was a little weary so we headed home where I sat and folded vest after vest after babygro and made the wardrobe a little tidier.  I think I need a few baskets so I can separate vests (no legs) from babygros (legs) and can trust that Steve will be able to find things if needed – (he’s one of the ‘it’s not waving at me so it’s not there’ sort of guys).  I also need some hangers to put outfits together and hang up.  I just went through and tidied the newborn stuff, and have the 0-3 shelf to tidy tomorrow.  I never thought I’d find folding such a cute exercise!!

Then, this evening, Steve surprised me by asking if he could take me out for dinner!  So we went to try a Harvester restaurant which was full and we’d have had to wait ages for, (don’t tell a very pregnant woman she has to wait nearly an hour, just for a table when she’s hungry) so off to Frankie and Bennies we went, where I scoffed bread and olives before tackling a whole rack of ribs.  I should have won a prize for that I think.  Also, I think I grossed the waiter out (he assumed the ribs were for Steve!) and he brought a wodge of napkins over for me as I guess I was making a mess?!  Hmm.

Anyway, another rather lovely and fabulous day!  Tomorrow is all free, and other than folding 0-3 month clothes I’m considering a swim depending on my weary levels (else I’ll not have been this week at all) and online window shopping.  My new wish list for after payday next Wednesday!!


2 thoughts on “Fun In The Sun

  1. Did Steve suggest the harvester by any chance?I would be amused if he did because Nick is angling to go there after being won over by their recent advert on tv!!


  2. No, I've fancied going for ages but Steve hasn't even heard of them!! Once he'd seen the menu he was willing to wait 45 minutes but I wasn't! Another time perhaps, when I've made a reservation!!


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