Day Trippers

Mum and I decided to invite ourselves over to visit my sister in Wales for a day.  She doesn’t work Wednesdays and I’m in need of diversions and we don’t really need an excuse to visit the nephews/grandsons so off we trundled at 9am.

The sun was shining and it was a lovely day and Mum took all these random lanes with lots of hills and bends to get there.  I am starting to struggle rather on car journeys, I keep getting nauseous and having little burps so as Mum hurtled around these country lanes I was holding onto my breakfast (triple weetabix) but was able to keep it down!!  Car seats seem to tilt upwards towards ones knees which I find uncomfortable so I was propped about with cushions and trying to keep a good posture to help my ankles and bump be ok but seriously, my ankles are puffy as at the moment.

We got to Sarah’s for about 11 and then she produced four huge bags full of boys clothes which we sifted through (I say we, she was on the floor and Mum was sifting and I was overwhelmed at the quantity of stuff and directing what to take and leave from the sofa!)

After a pasta and salad lunch we just sat outside.  All afternoon!  It was blissful.  It was actually hot, we couldn’t believe it was March, it felt more like late May and the boys played and we sat.  It was most relaxing. 

And at 4pm we headed home again.  The country lanes route – ‘hic’  It wasn’t too bad.  I was more uncomfortable though and glad to get through my front door!

Tomorrow, I shall have a go at sorting these clothes out into sizes and get them into the right boxes.  I’m keeping newborn and 0-3 in the wardrobe and others are sorted into storage under the bed.  I may need new boxes though.  Heck, I may need a chest of drawers afterall!!  I think we could fit it in.  Once my bedroom is rearranged to fit the Moses basket in that will open up a whole wall in the nursery and I know less is more, but I have so much baby stuff that needs a home!!


One thought on “Day Trippers

  1. I know what you mean about feeling sick whilst travelling as although I'm not pregnant (!) I do get terribly car sick – country lanes are the worst! I find having the window open and the air right in my face helps though!I had a dream last night that you emailed me at work to say the baby had been born and that it was a girl!! You then said she was named about 6 names which were all indian!! I had someone come over and tell me what the names meant and it was some jumble about the sun rising over the wooded hills! Odd!!


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