Two Weeks Down!!

I have one more week of holiday left before maternity leave kicks in now.  Two down, three to go till the due date!

This week has not been quite as fast as the previous one, and dare I say it, an element of boredom was felt midway, but I’m still enjoying the resting opportunity!!  Especially with the lovely weather picking up.  Sitting in the garden in the sunshine makes everything feel better!

I’m surprisingly unimpatient for the arrival as yet,  I just want to have this bit of time to myself I guess.  Plans for next week include a visit to Wales – sicky nausea to be expected due to car journey I expect, changing our bedroom round, and a trip to a garden centre for some flowers to plant.

Anyway, this weekend things have been very nice indeed. 

Yesterday I was very lazy for the morning and watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl, and then popped into work to say hello to my work folks!  In the afternoon Steve and I drove up to Stoke to the UPS depo to collect his new camera which he had shipped over from France and they’d mucked delivery up so he wasn’t willing for it to be delivered after the weekend.

I have to say, driving for 40 minutes there was horribly uncomfortable.  I kept getting very nauseous, burpy and unsettled feelings in my stomach.  The drive back was worse! 

Once back in Stafford Steve and I then went to Nishads for dinner.  It’s still his favourite restaurant, despite being shut temporarily due to health and safety concerns!! 

Today we sat in the garden for a bit with the pigs out and Izzy enjoying the sunshine, then we went for a mooch into town.  Steve treated me to some new Clinique products which meant I got the bonus time gift box as well!  🙂  After a sit down and refreshment in Starbucks we headed to TK Max to look for clothes for Steve but he didn’t find anything, so homeward bound we were.

I’ve had very sore hips and joints from the walking but it should all be helping baby down into my pelvis.  Doesn’t help my bladder any though!  And as I’ve not napped today, I’m pretty shattered now.  Just watching a CSI epidsode on Living before bed.  Yawn.  🙂  Night Night!


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