Busy Day

I had quite a busy day today and managed to go without a nap (at least until I got home at 5pm that is!!). 

I had to take Izzy on a short walk as I suspected Steve had not done her justice this morning, he opted to stay in bed an extra hour rather than get up and do what he needed to do before going out but I thought it would be a good occasion to try out her halti collar and she was brilliant!  She didn’t try as much to scratch it off and didn’t pull and stayed by my side until I could let her run free which was great.

At 10.00am my Mum collected me and off we went to the Mama and Papa shop to get the parts to fix the car seat to the pram that Mum had ordered ages ago and forgotten about!

Then by 11.00am we were at a garden centre meeting Celia, Frank and Mary and we had scones and tea before heading over to their cousin’s husbands funeral. 

I know it’s weird me tagging along since I didn’t know him, but it’s so I could tie in a visit to Great Aunty Joan after the funeral and I’m good at funerals as these days, hardly anyone knows the hymns sung, so Mum and I sang loudly from the back to help out and it was a nice service.  Afterwards we were all invited back to the funeral parlour for sandwiches and tea which was nice and I chatted to Mum’s cousins and remembered them visiting my Grandmas numerous times when she was alive (their aunty I guess!)

Then it was over the Aunty Joan’s for another cup of tea (my caffeine intake has not been great today) and she was very pleased to see me and the bump and we were home for 5.00pm. 

I rested for a wee while, and then Steve headed off to his Salvation Army youth group and I’m in bed for an early night, still shattered from my busy day.  I can feel that being on my feet so much as probably not helped my hips and joints and will likely suffer a little tomorrow.  And as for the tea drinking all day, man, I’m comfy until I have to move and suddenly, my bladder feels like it might pop as the weight of baby comes down on it so I stagger to the bathroom for not a lot to happen.  Oh well, I think I’m going to have another restless night!  That’ll teach me!


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