Maternity Leave – Week Two

Well, here I am awake at 8.30am and resting on the sofa with a cup of tea pondering the week ahead.  Last week it has to be said, went by so very fast I felt as though I was missing out by sleeping and not truly appreciating the time I’ve had to myself!

This week I reckon will feel slower as I’ve adjusted somewhat to a more relaxed pace of life and I may start to feel bored.  We will have to see what comes!

It’s a lovely sunny day today with blue skies, and if it’s warm enough this afternoon I will sit out with the guinea-pigs on the lawn, which is how I spent yesterday afternoon and it was lovely!!  I read the Jool’s Olivers ‘Nine minus One’ book which was a lovely account of her trying to conceive, pregnancies and coping with babies whilst Izzy trotted around the garden enjoying the sunshine and the guinea-pigs began their annual trim of the lawn and did a very good job on it too!!

I need to sort out the nursery chair and get that put together, which was a present from Steve’s parents for our nursery.  It’s been in it’s box since last Monday and Steve has not really had time to look at it for me, so maybe I’ll see how many parts it’s in and see what I can do about it.  My Mum will be popping round this afternoon with another of my friend Claire’s bags of boys clothes she’s passed onto me.  The 3-6 bag was brilliant, and I now have an under bed storage box full of little trousers, shorts, t-shirts and a very cute England football shirt and mini shoes!  (The 0-3 bag was sorted out and is residing in the wardrobe ready for use with 100’s of vests!)

I will probably run a bath this morning at some point, and tidy the kitchen, because although it’s been Steve’s turn again, he’s not done it, and I can’t be bothered to nag him about it and would prefer it just is done and tidy again.  He will have to take the rubbish out and do a poo sweep of the garden though for me.

Tomorrow the midwife will be visiting, and that’s about all my plans thus far.  I may have another go at swimming either Tuesday or Thursday, and I guess I could start to think about cooking some chilli/bolognaise/shepherds pies to freeze for once baby is here, although whether I’ll want to eat that sort of thing will remain to be seen.

Right, the dog is whining to go out or have breakfast or something but as she has food in her bowl and has been out recently I’m not sure which or why it is!!  Let’s see to her for a bit now!!


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