Jigsaw Pieces


I find that sleeping isn’t too bad at the moment but it’s the moments of wakefullness and aches and pains that are very annoying.

I’ve always had rather clicky joints, elbows and knees mainly so when at 2.00am I wake up with an aching side from lying on it, I turn over and rearrange my pillows to try and be comfortable and stretch a little as everything within me feels very bunched up, and I get some very loud and satisfying elbow and knee clicks, but what’s worried me now is a great big lower spine or pelvis click!!!  How has that come apart?!  Can baby get his fingers trapped in it?!!  It’s either clicking back when I stretch out long, and I try  to avoid that as it makes my bump feel a bit weird, or when I sit up and hang my feet out of bed.   Then I pad down to the bathroom and by the time I’m back in bed I feel almost back to normal and we start from the beginning again!

It’s like I’m a  jigsaw that comes apart every night and I have to put the pieces back together every morning.  It’s certainly more noticeable since I finished work.  I don’t know whether it’s psychological as my body knows I’ve finished work so it’s not so important that I sleep well as I have time (and lots of inclination) to nap in the day, or if it’s a past 35 weeks thing.  I certainly would be stressing about work and coping if I were having nights like these and having to get up and go to work. 

I know about the hormones that are produced to make your joints soften and get ready to pass a baby through your pelvis but does it have to take such a long time?  And how long after the birth until this stops happening?!  I’d like my joints to just stop being so malleable please. 



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