Baking Baking

Oh dear.  The time off has meant I’ve been a good housewife this week.  The house has stayed tidy, and I’ve been baking, just because I fancied something in particular!!  Steve even brought me flowers!!  I mean, that’s a good thing, it’s just the baking as it means I’m eating more!

This evening, Steve had been out all day in meetings at Salford and Wigan so I made his favourite Chicken Boursin for dinner with roast potatoes and a Treacle Tart for pudding, but as he was late in and peckish, I ate a (small) jar of olives and made some little cheese crisp biscuits that were so moreish I ate most of them but did save him a few.  They were so quick and easy too.  It’s great having a store cupboard that has everything in you need to make something!

Other than that, it’s been another quiet day with a quick jaunt out avec ma mere, and a nap in the afternoon avec le pooch!  And that’s one week done!


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