Need More Plans

Ok, so when people asked what I’d be doing with my time on maternity leave, I pretty much said ‘napping’ and ‘putting my feet up’ but in my head I thought I’d sit and watch ‘The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy – Directors Cut’ as I bought the box set years ago and have never made it past ‘The Two Towers’.  I also thought about getting a months swimming pass and going to the pool 3 or 4 times a week.

Well, as it’s Thursday of my first week off, I can say that Monday I watched ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ and slept.  Tuesday I watched “The Two Towers’ and slept.  Wednesday I slept, then Mum came round to help sort baby clothes, so today I watched ‘Return of the King’ but rather than sleeping I decided to do something about the aspiration to swim.

So I got my maternity cozzie out of the drawer (I know, I was so definatly going to swim I bought a special swimsuit!) and laughed at myself looking like a crazy dumpling on stick legs, and went along.

£4 it cost.  Now, that seems rather pricey to me for the 45 minutes I spent bobbing up and down the pool but it wasn’t even that warm so I felt chilled after that time and decided to get out.  And not too soon either as suddenly at 4pm it was children’s swimming lessons.  The only bonus was I’d thought to myself that 10 lengths would be a good number to start with, and I did 14 in the end.  And I hadn’t realised how much the water takes your weight until you get out of the pool and suddenly I felt as heavy as a hippopotamus again!!

And then I got home and fell asleep on the sofa so I guess there was a little nap in there as well!

I may run another bath this evening and just loll around in it.  It’s better nearer 9.00pm though as that’s when Steve comes in from his youth club as I’m cautious of getting stuck in the bath so prefer him to be in the house – just in case you know?!

So I now need other plans to entertain myself.  I may go swimming again next week, I certainly won’t be going enough to merit a months pass though.  A visit to my Great Aunty Joan’s is on the cards but she’s a bit under the weather this week.  A day to Wales to see my sister and her boys would be good, as would a visit to Nottingham to see my other sister, and the sooner probably the better – just in case again!!

Knitting is a possibility but when you have a Mum and other family members who can actually make things rather than me just dropping stitches and making a mess of the wool I don’t see the point.  I do have a cross stitch sampler I could work on, but it’s just getting started with it.  I’m going to Hobbycraft tomorrow so may have a look for a small and easy project to get me in a crafty frame of mind.  Scrapbooking appeals but I’m not sure I get the whole idea behind it, or what themes I’d go for, or whether one book is for one theme, or you just have different pages.  I’d like to do something with the scan pictures for posterity.

Anyway, can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already and that’s my first week done!  It’s amazing how fast time goes when you don’t do much!!


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