Stress Head

Ok, so after falling down the stairs everything seemed ok.  Baby was moving around more in there if anything and that was quite comforting, it meant I didn’t feel so terrible for my accident.

But, yesterday things seemed to slow down a bit.  I still felt movements but they were a bit slower, not so strong.  I know at 35 weeks you start to feel less, but I can’t get out of my head, what if I did something that has affected the baby longer term?

Last night I was worried, drinking cold water by the pint and not getting much response.  I rang the delivery suite at 2.00am (I know, I am the neurotic crazy lady) and they said to see what happened in the night and get some sleep.

Trouble is, I was sleepy and therefore slept and think I had good movements, but am not sure now whether I was dreaming or not.

So I’m up and running a bath which usually helps just to see what happens and if nothing, then I’m going to the labour ward at 9.00 just for my own peace of mind.

It doesn’t help that the day after I feel more bruised and sore than I did on Monday morning.

Seriously, this baby carrying thing is the most stressful thing ever 😦  I just wish I hadn’t fallen, I’d not be so worried about everything if that were the case.

EDIT: well, a bath seemed to help lots.  My stomach began lurching about and baby began a little jig in there.  My aches feel better from the warm water and I’m not so sore today.  I’ve felt him move every hour so far so am much more happy with things and he’s hiccupping away at present.  I guess yesterday was a busy day with going out and about and maybe I just missed the signs that all was actually well.  

So time to relax and not stress and get on with maternity leave today.


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