Maternity Day Two

I slept a lot today.  I was weary this morning, and went back to bed at 9am and suddenly, it was 11.30!  Sleeping a lot feels a bit as though I’m not appreciating the time off, but I guess that’s what it’s for really. 

I then decided to head out to a retail park and get the new moses basket mattress from Mothercare as I’ve read you shouldn’t use second hand ones for risk of microbes or something in them.

Anyhow, I had a bit of a shopping urge and got a pair of cheap jogging bottoms from Primark and a couple of baggyish tops to wear once baby is born to hide a saggy tummy!!  It’s not as though I can try them on now, but hopefully they’ll be ok.  It was nice to think about wearing normal clothes again to be honest!  There’s so many lovely things in the shops and it’s not worth buying maternity now with only 5 weeks to go.

I also got a large supply of Izzy food and some lunch for Steve and I.  And some under bed storage boxes as Mum and I began sorting through the boys clothes that my friend Claire had passed over to me.  6 bin bags full of boys clothes!!  Mum had gone through to find newborn and 0-3 size and I now have a huge pile of vests and some cute little outfits ready hanging up and we’ll be tackling the 6-9 and 9-12 later this week to store in the tubs as it won’t all fit in the little wardrobe.

And later this evening, we’ve got our second private ante-natal class.  This one is covering what happens from 10cm dilated to a new baby being out!!    Fun stuff.


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