So…… first day of maternity leave and what do I do?

I fall down the stairs.


8 months of not falling and this morning, whoosh, I just lost my footing on the top step and next thing I knew I was on my back and at the bottom.  At least it was my back and not my front.  My buttocks are pretty well padded so I was more shocked than anything else.

I sat down on the sofa trying not to cry and rang my Mum who said to rest and see how I felt shortly.  I had a drink of cold water and baby was moving away in there, but I just feel achy all over, probably due to the tension in my muscles.

I did ring the midwives for advice, feeling utterly stupid, especially after going to delivery on Friday  night, (they’re going to think I’m a crazy attention seeking hypochondriac) but I said baby was moving and I didn’t feel any pain and there was no bleeding.

They just said to rest up and monitor myself for the day so sofa it is.  I mean, that was my original plan anyway.  I’ve had a nap and just had lunch.  All seems ok, but I’m cross with myself for not being more careful.

Lets see what the afternoon brings…..

EDIT:….  this afternoon has been.  Baby’s movements have been normal, he’s been jiggling around, and I’m not too sore or anything from the tumble so will just keep being wary on it all.  It’s been a nice relaxing day actually, with lying on the sofa, watching ‘The Lord of The Rings FOTR’ and a tasty steak pie for dinner.


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