33 Weeks

How far along:  33 Weeks

Total Weight Gained:  *tumbleweed*  **again**

Maternity Clothes:   Indeed.

Stretch Marks:  Just the under the bump ones.  Still rubbing in lotions and potions twice daily though!

Sleep:  Urgh, sleep.  How I miss thee.   I’m not too bad really.  I think I’m just extra tired all day as well!  I’m getting up at least once a night around 2.00am at the moment and somethings 5.00am as well.  This weekend I’ve been pretty shattered which I’ve put down to a busy working week, which doesn’t bode well as this coming week is going to be twice as busy and Steve isn’t around in the day to look after the dog so I’m going to be working doubly hard and trying to sort our exuberant puppy out.  Oh for maternity leave to start so I don’t have to worry.  And can sleep when I need to.

Best Moment of the Week:  The Parenthood class was quite good.  Watching Steve bath a baby doll totally wrongly was very amusing indeed.  I really enjoyed my mini baby shopping spree yesterday.  If I had limitless amounts of money I’d have gone very overboard, John Lewis is a pricey but quality place to shop!!

Movement:  Yes, lots and regularly which is good.  He was pushing out so hard yesterday even Amy from across the room noticed my tummy move out of the corner of her eye!  There are definite hard bumps coming out now so we’re guessing foot or elbow or hand.  I still think his head is to the left and feet up on the right but that could be totally wrong.
Gender:  He’s a baby BOY!!!   Still need to work on names as well 😦  Just when i think we’re sorted something crops up.  I’m still hoping Steve appreciates the effort labour is and lets me have my way!

Belly Button:  Just stretched out as far as I think it could possibly go.  There’s a weird nubbin type nobble right in the middle, and it’s all brown from the inside being stretched.  I showed Julie and Sally and Sally didn’t like it.  It’ll be funny when it goes back!

Milestones:   33 weeks today so 7 until the due date and 9 until we definitely meet him, 2 left of work and 4 weeks until baby is considered full term.   I would love to be able to not go to work tomorrow but needs must.  I’m just staying in more during evenings with my feet up. 


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