3 / 8

Three weeks to go!!!  Till I finish work!

Three stressful weeks but at least the time ought to fly by.

I’m tired again today, sleep was disrupted last night due to aches and pains in the hips and ribs again, and not to mention the fact Steve gave Izzy a whole chicken breast (which I thought would be a bit rich as I’d roasted it with onions, garlic and rose wine) and then left half a salmon and cream cheese sandwich within her reach so she ate that too. 

I think she had a painful tummy as she was crying about 4am to be let out and Steve and I both got up to see to her which resulted in her sleeping on the foot of our bed (maybe that was her plan all along?!)   Anyway, it’s meant that I’m a bit sleepy again today. 

Oh, and happy Valentine’s day one and all?  Did you all get a card?  I didn’t yet!!  Steve mumbled something about going to town this afternoon.  So unromantic.  I hope the card shop girls glare at him on my behalf.  I gave him his card, with a Thornton’s chocolate lollipop and a new speaker pillow as Izzy chewed the wires off his old one and he was sad about it.


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