32 Weeks

How far along:  32 Weeks

Total Weight Gained:  *tumbleweed*

Maternity Clothes:   Yep.  Every day.  I feel that they’re boring now as I’m wearing the same things every day.

Stretch Marks:  Still the ones under the bump although my old ones seem brighter!  (the puberty hip ones seem to be back although not red like the tummy ones).

Sleep:  I think I had an off chance good week last week!  This week has been harder.  I’m now getting up twice for the loo in the night and my hips and sides are aching more.  I wonder if it’s because I’m going to bed earlier for the lack of sleep which is meaning I need the loo a second time.  I’m just going with what I feel I need at the moment though as and when.  And to elaborate, I’m typing this on the laptop in bed having woken up from an afternoon nap!!

Best Moment of the Week:  I enjoyed the second ante-natal class.  That was interesting and it was fun to people watch the others attending as well to try and guess how far along they were.  The classes don’t really seem set up for chatting though so I’m glad we’ve booked our private ones as well so we can meet other folk.

Movement: I keep on feeling surprised at how this baby surprises me!  I know that’s an odd thing to say and I don’t by any means think I’ve seen it all yet but I had a bath on Friday and a large pointy part came out of my tummy!!  And it lurched around my tummy button.  I’m aware of him at least every hour so I guess he’s a good mover.  I hope he has my sense of rhythm though as his Dad doesn’t have much and can’t dance!!
Gender:  He’s a baby BOY!!!

Belly Button:  I think it may be flat now.  It’s certainly not got further to go.  Whether anything comes out or not I don’t know.  It’s funny you can see this ring around it which used to be the inside of my tummy button.  And touching it, although weird, is strangely flat.

Milestones:  There are many forthcoming milestones at present.  Three weeks of work left.  Eight weeks until my due date.  Ten weeks until baby is certainly and definitely here.  And I’m now officially in my eighth month of pregnancy.   Milestone heaven.

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