31 Weeks Midwife Appointment

I can’t believe it’s 31 weeks already.  And I’m back at the doctors.  As it’s our first baby we have a check-up about every 2-3 weeks now so my next one is the beginning of March for 34 weeks.  They’re coming around very quickly.

Tracy tested my blood pressure and said that my bloods had come back fine (except the missing ones I guess!).

Then I lay on the bed and she felt my tummy, said there was a foot in my ribs on my right side (yep, knew it!!) and baby was probably lying head down.  Not engaged as such yet but in the right sort of position so that’s good.  She measured him and said everything was bang on and we heard his heart beat going nice and strongly.  Then he started wriggling about which made her laugh!  He was trying to dodge the sonar.

I then asked about my rib pain and other little questions and that was it. Check up done and all well and good.  Next one is the 2nd March.  And I’ll only have the two days left of work then!  Eek!


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