31 Weeks

How far along:  31 Weeks

Total Weight Gained:  Still haven’t found out.

Maternity Clothes:   Yep.  Every day.  I feel that they’re boring now as I’m wearing the same things every day.

Stretch Marks:  Still the ones under the bump although my old ones seem brighter!  (the puberty hip ones seem to be back although not red like the tummy ones).

Sleep:  Hasn’t been too bad this weekend.  I seem to not have to get up to wee so much in the night which has helped.  I managed 11.00pm until 6.00am last night which was great!  And Friday was the same which meant I got up for breakfast, then went back to bed until 9.00am!!  Hurrah! 

Best Moment of the Week:  I was glad to get the first ante-natal class under our belt.  The hospital tour was interesting and it was good to see the facilities.  We just have to think and make a decision whether we want the birth pool or the regular rooms.  I also had a night out with the girls from work last night which was lovely, as I’ve not been out for a while due to feeling tired and I wasn’t out late, but it was good to be sociable.

Movement:  I feel almost as though I’m being beaten up from the inside.  Baby is getting extremely poky and things seem to be pushing out on a regular basis.  He seems to be very strong.
Food Cravings:  Not really 🙂  Just ate a few pancakes this week, but cravings or due to tastiness I don’t know!
Gender:  He’s a baby BOY!!!

Belly Button:  It keeps getting flatter and flatter.  I don’t know how much more it can stretch!

What I miss:  Being able to pick things up from the floor, being able to walk properly without getting short of breath and take Izzy out.
Milestones:  9 weeks to go and our labour and delivery class take place on Wednesday so that’ll be interesting.  Apparently they show a video and it’s worse than ‘One Born Every Minute’.  Does this put me in the eighth month yet?  I’m losing track of months as it’s all based on weeks!

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