More Nursery Stuff…

I’ve had the day off today.  I had two spare holidays from work (I’ve saved 15 for my three weeks preceeding maternity leave) so have been very tired and fancied a day off!  Plus last night I went to the theatre to see Matthew Bourne’s ‘Cinderella’ contemporary ballet and knowing it would be a late night, did not want to have to drag myself to work feeling groggy again.  I have one left before the 4th March so may squeeze it in over the next four weeks, we’ll have to see!

The ballet was very good, split into three acts which conveniently lasted 40 minutes apiece with a 15 minutes interval (or in my case ‘toilet break’) so I was quite comfortable during the performance.  Baby also enjoyed the Prokofiev score and was merrily twirling and leaping as much as he can in my tummy which made for a fun evening!

Anywho, so I had a free day today – hurray!

I’d had a call from Dunelm to say the rest of my Sleepy Owl nursery stuff was in so off I trundled to collect it.  I ordered it in December and their website promised delivery within five working days so I’m going to write a letter of complaint to their customer services.  Not to be horrid of course, but I’ve had to wait a ridiculous amount of time for these items and if they have problems with stock they shouldn’t sell them or say it’ll get here in less than a week!

I’d been impatient and bought a second pair of the same curtains in the order so my first call of duty was to return the online pair and get my money back.  That’s been an annoyance!!  Then I’d also bought more cot sheets, a bed sheet for the daybed and happened to see that they did have an owl cushion in stock so got that too!  This is a very dangerous shop to go in to be honest.

Then it was home to rest again, I wasn’t sleepy pursay, just physically tired so I lay on the bed and just whiled away an hour before having a shower and going out for lunch with Steve.  Nothing fancy, just in Tesco’s before getting cellular blankets (on offer 3 for 2) and a stairgate.  We’re going to try putting it on the nursery door to ensure Izzy is kept out.  Steve hasn’t been the strictest at where she can go in the day and I don’t want her thinking the whole house is her dominion.  She’s certainly appreciated the daybed at some point and enjoys looking out of the window to watch the world go by but this room is going to stay dog free. 

Then I met my friend Carly at 2.30 and we went to a lovely cafe for drinks and cake and chatted for a couple of hours before feeding some ducks on the way back to the car.  Just think, in four weeks I’ll be a lady of leisure for a short while and can do that every day if I so please!  Cups of tea and pavlova!  Mmm.

And now I’m home again, sitting on the day bed enjoying the cushions and colours, having put up the fabric letters spelling ‘sleep’ over the cot, put the owl  pictures on the wall by the door and the photo frame by the changing unit.  (Still awaiting a changing mat!)

It’s all coming together now.  We just need the baby to put in it!  🙂


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