30 Weeks

How far along: 30 Weeks – (goodness me!)

Total Weight Gained:  Will find out.  I will.  I ought to.

Maternity Clothes:   Yep, lots.  Funny story though about the red and grey jumper I wore before Christmas on my 25 week bump pic, well, not so funny because I liked it, but it ripped at the seams around the neck after I’d only worn it twice.  So I took it back to New Look where they tried to tell me as it was in the sale so they’d only refund me £7 when I paid £18.  So I said that wasn’t acceptable as the product was faulty and they had to either replace it like for like or refund me my money (without a receipt).  And the moment I said ‘rights’ they backed down and gave me £18 in vouchers!  Hurray.  Anyway, I went into get some new t-shirts and there my jumper was, in the faulty section and they were trying to sell it on. 

Stretch Marks: Just the ones under the bump for the time being.

Sleep:  This is getting less and less by night!  Last night I managed a couple of hours before having to turn over due to rib pain, and I just kept waking up and needing the loo.  I don’t feel technically exhausted but I am a bit of a zombie.

Best Moment of the Week:  Getting to 30 weeks I think!  This is quite a turning point!  I’m still getting stuff done in the nursery too.  We’re going to try cloth nappies, so ordered a bundle of TotsBots Bamboozles which arrived this week so I’ve had fun going through those.  I bought a matching Sleepy Owl nappy stacker to keep them in.

Movement:  Some real squirmy nudges have been going on this week.  Long gone are the gentle tickling flutterings!!  My tummy moves a lot and some really catch me by surprise.
Food Cravings:  As you’ll know, I’ve not really thought I’ve had any cravings at all, but last night, I didn’t fancy anything to eat except pancakes with lemon and sugar.  It felt like minus 5 outside and I still nipped round to the shop to get eggs and a lemon to make and eat 6 pancakes.  I guess that could count as a craving!
Gender: He’s a baby BOY!!!

Belly Button:  It looks weird.  It’s like my skin is flat around my tummy button and the top bit is almost overlapping my button because my tummy is hanging due to the weight.  If I lift the bump up it looks more normal!!

What I miss:  Turning over in bed.  It’s becoming such an effort I’m breathless!  Being able to pick things up off the floor.  Being able to walk our exuberant puppy dog.  And this weekend I’m missing Steve as he’s in Scarborough on a Church men’s weekend away.
Milestones: 30 weeks.  10 weeks to go.  This is where apparently you’re feeling ready to meet the baby and the prospect of another 10 weeks is a lot to bear!!  It does feel as though I’ve been pregnant for ages, and that’s with not knowing for the first two months!  Ha ha!!  I’m glad there’s only 5 weeks more of work though!

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