Questions, questions….

Do babies feel gravity in the womb??  Mine seems to sink onto the side I’m sleeping on, at least that’s what I’m presuming causes my rib pain at night when I’m on my left or right side, but I just don’t know?!

Does indigestion and wind affect the baby?  I sort of imagine that it would tickle him rather, but that could just be strange I guess?!  I had a terrible tummy last night after eating too much chilli con carne from a hot buffet.  My own fault I know but I was hungry and it was tasty.

Will Arnica tablets help my down there bits after the birth for any bruising or swelling, or are they a bit of a placebo??  My Grandma used to have arnica cream for bruises so I know the herb is good on that sort of thing but in tablet form?!

Does it matter that I’ve had any milk leaking yet?  Will this affect my ability to breast feed later on?

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