Holiday Thinking

This year my parents are both turning 60 and waaaay before I even suspected I may be pregnant, they reserved a gite in Normandy.  Yep, France!  The plan was to have all their nearest and dearest together for a week of sunshine, beaches and relaxing.  Sounds lovely indeed.

But now I’m pregnant, and the baby by that time will be about 4 months old!  And it’s an 8 hour ferry crossing from Portsmouth to Le Havre. 

Steve was being a bit difficult with his work and not wanting to go at all, and said I should go for the whole two weeks.  I’ve since persuaded him that in marrying me, my family is his family and vice versa, and besides, I think he’ll miss us being apart even if he doesn’t think so yet.  So I think he’s now going to come over in the second week for about 5 days and I’ll travel back with him and baby.  Mum and Dad will take me with them when they go over in July.

So I’m trying to look at ferry bookings and thinking about all the paraphernalia that babies require.  But to think I could have two weeks in sunny France in a cottage with a pool is rather lovely.  And of course I’ll be on maternity leave so can do anything I like at any time.

I’m also going to book a holiday for just Steve, baby and me in late September, possibly to the Lake District.  It’ll be beautiful there at that time of year.  He did say I could, although has likely forgotten already but it’s in his diary!!  We need to make sure we have time away just us, and our little family.  Ooh, and with Izzy as well of course, mustn’t forget about our pooch!!  She’ll love a family holiday too!

NB: please pray that my veins cooperate tomorrow!  I’m going in at 9.00 on my way to work to have my bloods done.  *sigh*  sucky sucky veins and blood.  Gah.


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