Nursery Pictures

Fanfare time!…..
Here below we have the changer unit without changing part (getting tonight though 🙂 ) and you can see my Sleepy Owl curtains, and the end of the day bed with other bits waiting for the cot to be put together.  Slight issue with missing bolts that Dad is on the case for!
Baby already has a sock monkey, a very soft regular monkey, a blue chiming lion and an ELC buzzy bee!  I do need to sort stuff out on this shelf as there are a lot of books, Winnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter etc.. that I’ve been saving.

And here is the unassembled cot.  I was very disappointed to not manage to get that put together this weekend, but the wardrobe is marvellous and I’m very happy with how that looks, and fits perfectly in the alcove, all tidily!

Here’s a view inside the wardrobe.  It’s a bit bare I know, but the piles on the shelf are newborn (far left), 0-1 month in the middle and 0-3 month on the right.  The other newborn bits are already in the bag on the bottom shelf.  The one on the right is baby’s bag and the one on the left is my partially filled hosptial bag.  I also have my changing bag there courtesy of Amy for Christmas.

 Here is a view of my other shelves still full of wipes etc….  The cot is going to go against the chimney breast once assembled adn all the products will be put somewhere neatly!  The books will likely go back on those shelves out of the way.

Here’s another angle viewn of my day bed and shelves.

All in all, I’m so pleased with it, it looks relaxing and lovely, and I shall enjoy sitting in it every day waiting for baby to arrive 🙂

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